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TV Character Profile: Rachel Berry
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Glee Official Cast Photo - Rachel Berry

First of all, thank you to woodycakes who blogged about Pre-Air Pilot of Glee the newest show from Fox. Dimple buzzed me on Facebook a few months ago saying that "she was reminded of me when she saw the teasers of Glee." So I calendared May 19th for the preview. And luckily, I saw it. And my definite, favouritest, character must have to be Rachel Berry.

Premise of the Show: For those who haven't heard, Glee is a musical comedy TV series that will be launched this Fall about a bunch of misfits who participate in the Glee club, the "sub-basement" in the caste system of William McKinley High School in Ohio. They are coached by super-hot William Schuster (played by Broadway star Matthew Morrison), a teacher who was part of the school's glee club in its glory days.

Why do I ♥ it? It's basically High School Musical, only smarter (in the words of creator Ryan Murphy, who brought you Nip/Tuck and Popular, "not sucky, because the characters don't just burst into song"). And even if they do not randomly burst into song, they had an amazing set of songs in the pilot: R.E.S.P.E.C.T. by Aretha, Rehab by Amy Winehouse (yes, show choir that, it's amazing), Leaving on a Jetplane (Chantal? who sang this originally?), and my personal favourite in this show, Don't Stop Believing by Journey. The show also has an unbelievably quirky slew of characters: a teacher with OCD who has a secret crush on Will, an Indian principal, a head cheerleader who's also the president of the celibacy club, and do I sense a Troy Bolton revival to the jock-turned-singing-sensation? But of course, my favourite, as the title of this entry suggests, is Rachel Berry. Here's why:

  1. She signs her name with a gold star in the end. I know it's crazy! But while it's funny and extremely amusing (I love stars also, because I like thinking I am one), it's also deep, since the symbol is a metaphor. She said and I quote: "My gold stars are a metaphor for me being a star."

  2. The over-achieving, hello-world-we-meet-again attitude. Most people refer to her as Tracy Flick from Elections, only, a singing version. But it's funny, she's so self-centred and arrogant, but she's made fun of a LOT. It really reminds me of Taylor Townsend from The OC, who had the same vibe and attitude! And that's the thing with Rachel Berry: you either love her or you hate her... I love her!!!

  3. Pretty preppy-ness. So this isn't the Upper East Side, but this girl has some style! The full outfit from the previous screencap was totally rocking. I love the yellow boots so much! [Sorry, the screencap is not that clear, she was walking too fast there, and I was too lazy to freeze frame]

  4. She has two gay dads. I cannot wait for the TV series to start so we can meet her fathers. It's so funny because she brought it up with the rumour that she was homophobic.

  5. She's genetically "perfect". In this monologue she does, she reveals that her dad had to screen potential surrogates based on IQ and beauty. And she does get good grades, and is super pretty! Although she doesn't know who her real father is, her family set-up still makes a bastion for the idyllic homonormative family. ^__^

  6. She's a fame whore. I posted her quote over at facebook and I got a lot of like thumbs-up for it. She posts daily videos on MySpace to keep her talent alive and she says:
    Nowadays, being anonymous is worse than being poor. Fame is the most important thing in our culture now and if there's one thing I've learned, it's that no one is just going to hand it to you.
    AHLAVEEEEEEET!!! Seriously, she is such a role model. =P

  7. She has a pink laptop. And it's just so adorable! "You might think that the boys in school would totally wanna tap this, but my myspace schedule keeps me way too busy to date."

  8. Her first solo on the show is 'On My Own'! I SUPER love Lea Salonga's version of this song, it used to be one of the most played in my old iPod. And wow, this girl CAN sing. It was a very good version also. I'm trying to mp3 it, but it's cut by dialogue. THEY SHOULD SOOO RELEASE THE SOUNDTRACK OF THIS SERIES, ASAP.

  9. I ship Rachel ♥ Finn. Finn is another character, who's the football quarterback discovered while singing in the shower and was blackmailed (by Will) to join Glee. He became the male lead solo, Rachel was the female, and they're amazing!!! Rachel, being bold, even proposed that "they be an item", but unfortunately, there's a love triangle angle since Finn's "attached". So not interesting without the drama... but they're perfect for each other!

  10. She's played by Lea Michele. Wow, she's my age, but she has done Spring Awakening and Les Miz on Broadway. I think she did West End also. AHHHK!!! She's super talented, and no, this doesn't involve Rachel Berry arrogance. She also has a Natalie Portman angle. She seems pretty down-to-earth in real life (as mentioned in this interview), oh, and she debated in high school!! Hahaha.

I super can't wait for the series to begin! On other news, Chuck is going to be renewed for another half-season! Yay for renewal, boo for half season! But yay! in general.

Glee Official Website
Glee Club - LJ Community
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my ate will love this entry ♥
and i love this quote. sobra. " Nowadays, being anonymous is worse than being poor. Fame is the most important thing in our culture now and if there's one thing I've learned, it's that no one is just going to hand it to you."

here's to more gleeeeeeee!!!!

That's my favourite quote from that episode! Although ang dami talagang quotables!!! I loff this show!!! And I'm so glad your sister loves Rachel too!

I'll trust you on this, will download after Dollhouse

I watched, and (have a copy) of the entire first season na (you can just copy from me if you like), it was pretty boring at first, but the main plot became very interesting (and I looooove Eliza Dushku). But I know you're a Joss Whedon fan, so maybe you'll like it comparatively with Buffy. =P

Download Glee first, kasi it's just one episode, it really won't start until September. SO GOOOOOO!!! I'll upload the songs in another entry, so that people will get a bite of the awesomeness.

she's also got Idina Menzel vibes. Like, just with the features of her face and stuff.

I didn't see the resemblance, but I get what you mean when I looked at her left-most picture towards the end of the entry. I think it's the big eyes and the high cheekbones. Plus she has an atypical beauty and the bossy personality is reminiscent of Maureen.

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