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Leighton Meester's Birthday
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Leighton Meester

Currently the fiercest girls on television, Leighton Meester is truly a star. Popularly known as Blair Waldorf in the show everyone absolutely loves without qualification: Gossip Girl. I loved her ever since I saw her on House, M.D. because I absolutely loved her role on being the stubborn teenager who got really creepy stalky over her crush on House. Hahaha. Her two or three episode cameo was really amusing. Anyway, I also love her on Gossip Girl, and don't we all?

And she has a pretty clean reputation. I love how she was born in prison and how she handled it. Oh and she sings too! Late last year, I heard her version of Betty Davies Eyes [download mp3] and that was just smashingly lovely, I couldn't believe it was her. And now, she has a song with Awesome New Republic, called "Birthday" [via sofimi's plurk]. I'm still looking for a downloadable version, but the song totally rocks even if I'm not really crazy about dance music.

[EDIT, thanks to anonymous commenter]
Download Awesome New Republic feat. Leighton Meester "Birthday" [mp3]

It's just so awesome!!! I love her! I can't wait for her CD! Oh and it's her real birthday tomorrow, so advance happy birthday Leighton! She turns 23 this year, yes, we were born the same year. =P

On a totally unrelated note, hello summer! (=

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random =)

i came across her song BIRTHDAY downloadable version here http://www.musicistheheartofoursoul.com/2009/04/awesome-new-republic-ft-leighton.html



FIERCE. gotta love this girl.

I know! As Blair or as Leighton. ♥

what?! she was that girl in house? holy mama

YESSS... the blonde girl who brought her dad in and arguing about a $400 purse tapos yung dad may rhino virus. =P

That was her? She was so much hotter on House.

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