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Star, Qoo White Grape Juice Please! (and a dignified stay in law school)

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Celeni // cK
2 September
Quezon City, Manila, Philippines
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Miriam College - Grade School - Quezon City Metro Manila PH (1993 - 2000)
Miriam College - High School - Quezon City Metro Manila PH (2000 - 2004)
University of the Philippines - Diliman - Quezon City Metro Manila PH (2004 present)
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Serving (sur)realists, psychotics, idealists, fanatics, plastics, and web-enthusiaststs bloggers since 2001. Some entries are f-locked, custom-locked, and private. Most are for public consumption.
cK. 23. Girl. QC, Philippines. UP-D. BS Economics. Lawyer. DebSoc. 3rd Culture Kid. Pseudo Princess. Freakonomist. Wannabe Diplomat. Environment Enthusiast. Secrets whore. Picture Perfectionist.
Attention (I can't believe you think I like attention!). Secrets (That's why her hair is so big, it's full of secrets). Citrus smells. Wireless Broadband. Shiny Tiaras. Fastfood. Transparent Umbrellas. The colour Pink(on Wednesdays, we wear pink),Yellow&Turquoise. Blowing individual candles on my birthday. British English Conventions. Film. Wong Kar-Wai&Chungking Express. J.K.Rowling&Luna Lovegood. Chuck. Glee! Gossip Girl. GOSSIP. Star Wars. Pedicures. International Travelling Alone. Walks around UP Diliman.

Silver. LK. CS3. LiveJournal? Maybe you.
Cats (except Hello Kitty). Attention from being ignored. My Grandmother's Scents. Filial Psychoticism. Information Overload. Pretentious modesty. Unspoken Stress. Greek Letter Violence. Flamers. Frenemies/Fraters.
Procrastinating/Multi-tasking. Grammar Pricks. Orange Soda. Slumber. On-line Secrets.
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