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An Ordinary Fun Rainbow Day
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I want to go back to blogging. I really do.

But it is always a battle. It's so much easier to tweet instantaneous thoughts than to develop it into a full-blown blogged idea. It's so much easier to pic stitch and instagram than do the entire ritual of uploading-editing-and-photo essaying. Social media has evolved to make online expression easier, and well, lazier.

What I miss most about blogging is that it has preserved mundane memories that have not been stored in my long term memory. People forget about what a "regular" fun day is and only remember milestones and significant travels in their lives. It's amazing how an ordinary amusing day could still amuse you when you read about it years after it happened. Even if it doesn't get stored in your long term. Sometimes you forget completely and you only relive the moment through the words you've selected. It's like the pensive in Harry Potter. Only, a bit more manual, and probably not as vivid. But hey, don't underestimate your brain and your imagination.

Yesterday was "first day back." The weekend and the holiday squeezed two workday suspensions due to strong rains and flooding. So that was five solid non-working days. The long holiday was sad not just because a lot of people were victimized by the floods, but in our family, it was sad because Lolo Acio died. The rain not only intensified the grief and drama, but it also made the burial ceremonies extremely difficult. But our family thanks everyone for their condolences and prayers. Lolo Acio did have emphysema but he died in his own terms. He spent seven days in the ICU three years ago, but he passed away in his sleep in his own home. Rest in peace lolo.

But yesterday, compared to the sad weekend, was actually quite amusing. Pat and I decided to look slightly foreign in our OOTDs first day back. I donned a raincoat, and she wore a bunny hat. A random lady from the fifth floor said "Okay get-up mo ha" while we were in the elevator. Pat and I had a mandatory "selfie" at the end of the day, although not so much a selfie because we asked Simoun to take the photos for us.

Rainy Days Jurisprudence

Nikki, Ruby, Simoun, Stef and I went back to Quezon City from Manila together. I taught them one of the "Hollywood Game," wherein the first person mentions a movie, the next person mentions an actor starring in the movie the first person mentioned, and the third person mentions another movie where such actor was part of the cast. Stef, due to age disadvantages, lost. It was a riot playing that game, and it was nice to play it with a new set of people. Learned it in DebSoc, and I think we played it in my law school block.

In law school, Lou, Joni, Candice, Aldous, Cels and I will play a similar game I totally suck at known as the "IMDB Game". I remember the first time I played the game was OLA Orientation. The mechanics for that game is this: the game master mentions an actor, and the players list as much films he/she remembers in that actor's filmography. There is a time limit of one minute, usually. The interesting part of the game is scoring. If everyone else got that movie, that title is cancelled out. The scoring is gradated depending on how "rare" the movie you identified was. You get minimum points if only a few missed the movie. You get maximum points if you are the only player who identified the movie. The other condition of the game is that you cannot count sequels to the film. To give a more appropriate example for the scoring of this game, assume that there are 4 players. Scoring will be like this:

All 4 get the movie = 0 points (title is cancelled out, no one scores)
3 players get the movie = 1 point
2 players get the movie = 2 points
Only 1 player identifies the movie = 3 points

Back to yesterday. When we got to Katipunan, we all hung out at Mom & Tina's wherein we continued chatting. It was really fun. We gossiped like crazy and even got ourselves in a potentially SUPER embarrassing predicament. (For purposes of my future self reading this post, remember how Nikki said "Hindi, everyone knew it as a FACT." You can start laughing again.). Somehow, we always chat in the office but it was nice to be in a different, well-lighted environment with good food. I really liked their raspberry mocha. Note to self, work out after work later!


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