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Mothers' Day 2013
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My brother started reading my blog and apparently, one of my mainstay entries is about Mothers' Day. Recently, before I revived this blog two days ago, I came across my 2005 Mothers' Day entry, and used my photo collage as a gift. It was convenient because my parents never really read my blog, so my mom still found the photo (this time framed in an expensive looking frame) adorable. In memory of the way I discussed it in 2005, let me give you a portrait of my weekend!

Saturday (11 May 2013)

I went to Zumba, had lunch at home and had a glorious afternoon nap. I haven't been napping lately, since my past weekends since passing the Bar has been packed with get togethers, so the nap was nothing short of glorious. I was just woken up by my brother who asked me what I desired for a late afternoon snack. After placing my order, papa set me and Gioshua to a mission to collect flowers for mama and lola. Kuya Terio coursed through some weekend traffic to get us to Dangwa, a.k.a. Laong-Laan Street. It's really not a good time to haggle. I got two bouquets (one for mama, one for Tita Ming, Carlo's mom) and a set of red roses (for lola) for PhP 800. Phew.

Bouquet as set-up on mama's post morning shower "surprise"

Sunday (12 May 2013)

Since my sister Mecko was in the hospital for duty, Gioshua and I woke up really early (at like 5:30am) to prepare the pure calamansi drink mama always takes an hour before eating. Halfway through manually squeezing calamansi, Gioshua announces that he didn't wash his hands. Of course he was just kidding (or so I'd like to think).

Mama loved our surprise and said she wanted to "instagram" it despite not having an instagram account. I guess what she really wanted to do is share it on FB. Papa then told mom that we will be having lunch at a special place. We then joked mom and told her it was of Indian cuisine, which we haven't tried. Papa then went into details from the seating arrangement, smoking and sample music. Mama was like, "why are we experimenting on mothers' day, eh mothers day nga ngayon!" Everyone rode the joke, even Maryko who knew exactly where we were going.

We attended mass, and headed to Glorietta. We visited the new Family Mart, which was boring compared to the real Family Mart in Japan. They didn't have Muji stuff, and the onigiri was just placed in plain plastic (in Japan, they made it so you could easily pop it in a microwave oven). We did get some Japanese goods, panda cookies and chocolate peanut clusters (the latter, Papa usually gets from Japanese 7-11, but the packaging is so similar we reckon it will taste the same).

When we passed by a ramen restaurant, mama was like "Dito na lang tayo kumain, wag na dun sa Indian place!" And then we broke to her the truth that the reservation was in that ramen place, as recommended by Anton Diaz and celebrities like Anne Curtis and Solenn Heusaff. So we stuffed our faces in almost authentic ramen. It still doesn't compare to the real hole-in-the-wall stuff from Japan, although the prices here were like a third of what you have to pay for in Japan! So I'm not complaining. On top of the glorious meal, we had mochi cream for dessert. Yum!

Mothers Day Photo 1
Photo Taken by Carlo

Carlo, my siblings and I stayed a bit at the mall while my parents went ahead. We then went home and had to prepare for Mothers' Day celebration with Tita Ming. Since it was at Vikings, Carlo invited Gioshua as well. I must say, this is the best econo buffet. I think it's better than Buffet 101 and The Buffet because it had good steak. We only had reservations for two hours, but before the first hour ended, I was already stuffed! It was great food, great company.

Thanks to Mothers' Day, I ended up buying a gym membership for a year. Hope I can commit to it!

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WELCOME BACK TO LJ! and happy mother's day to your mom!!!!


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