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Hair Choice
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Selfie Haircut 2013

A couple of years ago, I remember talking to KC Canales about not going to get my haircut alone ever since I was like... born. That was around 2007. I always had mama to pick up the tab and pay the tip and advice me on what I should go with my hair. And then around 2010, I got a haircut on my own for the first time. It was at Bench Fix in TechnoHub. It was a nightmare haircut. I don't even want to talk about it. Since then, I went back to having mama accompany me with my haircuts. Nimfa Ferrer in Greenhills was her go-to place. At one time though, we took a risk and went to Alex Carbonell in Greenbelt but got a cheaper stylist. Another nightmare haircut. Never again. Thank God mama paid for that haircut, but then I realized that nightmare haircuts is not mutually exclusive to having your haircut alone. It's when you take risks. You feel the risk more lang when you're putting your personal money on it. :P

Now, my mother has been nagging me about a haircut but we've both been busy lately so we haven't had a trip to the salon. So as a "mothers' day" present, I decided to get a haircut at Jessi Mendez in Robinsons Place Manila. I had my hair done yesterday afternoon, and this photo was taken today, the morning after.

Since we were on the topic of haircuts, my cousin, Presh, and I once had a bet not to have our hair cut and the first one to give in owes the other one a venti frappuccino. I won that bet last year and I haven't cashed my frap yet, mainly because venti is a tad bit too much for my recommended daily caloric intake. So Koppiccino na lang. Swerte ni Presh.

Finally, let's talk about boys and hair. Every boy has a preference on how the girl's hair will be like. Carlo's preference is long. I've always been a short-hair type of girl. I always threaten him with a haircut, and he always sways me not to. But when I do shorten my hair, he loves it anyway. Sorry, cheesy true story.

So girls, don't let your boys tell you what to do. You have total body autonomy, and yes, that includes your hair and more. If you're a hard-core anti-RH and you're a girl, think of it this way: the law provides for choice. You choose when you should have children, you choose how many children you could bear. If you choose to have many children, don't force that choice on others. A democracy is designed so that the optimal number of personal choices are accommodated. Don't be selfish.  


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