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On my down time, I fondly look back at my old LJ entries and go on an emotional rollercoaster. Some entries make me smile, some make me irk, yet others make me feel like I want to cry when I see how thin I was in college. Nevertheless, I do appreciate my old, young self for preserving memories that are not in my long term memory. It's like a back-up hard drive. Thank you LJ, amid the countless spam comments.
I have decided to resume blogging. As in the mundane, boring, everyday existence and highlights of my life. Choz! Okay. This is because I am currently holding a job that involves confidentiality and writing, and this is a good way to practice the latter. Readability, contrary to popular belief, is a plus in the legal profession, and I will try to do that as I continue to narrate my daily (or weekly) existence.

Let's start with yesterday, 8th of May (Wednesday).

Wednesday is my designated ZUMBA! day. I love Zumba. My mom and sister love it too. But I love it so much that even if they don't go, I go. I was excited to wear a cute Zumba top my mom got me. Plus, my officemate, Nikki, wanted to inquire about fitness programmes at my gym. So we planned to leave at 4:30pm (acceptable leaving time in our office when you're not busy) so we could get to the gym in time (which is a good 20 km away from our office + traffic).

At around 2:00pm, there was a power outage. We thought it was isolated to the metro, and with the impending elections, some people had their money on COMELEC as the cause of the outage. But apparently, it was due to a mysterious shut down of six power plants due to power tripping. A little past 3, it was announced that everyone who was not involved in the oral arguments enjoy free early dismissal. So Nikki, and another officemate of ours, Ron, took a trip to Taft Avenue, hoping to find a cab. Luckily, we found that the office's shuttle buses were still there! We took the bus and when we got to Quezon City, it was raining. Crazy weather.

Nikki and I went to my house so I could collect my car so mama met Nikki. Mama talked to the manager of the gym to give us a discount. So after facing slight traffic, we got to the gym. Nikki got "the talk" on the perks of a gym membership from Edmond, the gym manager.

I said bye to Nikki so I could join the 6:30pm Retro class, which precedes my favourite Zumba class. Alex/Yoko is the instructor for both classes, and he is the most sought after instructor in Gold's. On the fourth song of Retro, the power went out again.

So we waited.
And waited in the dark. Thank god for twitter and 3G.

Soon it was 7:30pm, and most of the attendees gave up and went home. There were only three/four of us plus Yoko hanging out at the stage and the only light came from mobile phones and Candy Crush. One of the girls was explaining to Yoko how to do a life cheat on Candy Crush. I joined the conversation and told them the secret on how to get unlimited life using the life cheat.

So at around 7:40pm, it became pointless for us to stay, and Yoko left. I decided to leave the gym floor, and used the stairs to the lower floors of the building (using the elevator was too risky). Surprisingly, the other floors were filled with light, it was blinding. I called my boyfriend and told him the situation and apparently, he was near. I was still in my gym clothes but I agreed on a dinner date. It was pleasant dinner at Mom and Tina's, and luckily, I got time to spend with my boyfriend, which is rare because he works at a super busy workplace.

At the end of the day, I do not know if the power outage was due to Mercury and Venus being in retrograde. I enjoyed dinner, but I could have had both Zumba and dinner. One of my pearl earring also broke, and so did my sister's. So it's really a weird, weird day.

So overall assessment of the day:
Power outage #1 -1
Early Dismissal +1
Catching the shuttle +1
Bonding with mama and Nikki +1
Getting parking at the gym +1
Power outage #2 -2
No Zumba -3
Dinner with the boyfriend +3
Overall Score Today: +1! Good day pa rin naman pala.

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I'm so glad you're back to blogging! And on LJ! Haha.

I started a blog on Tumblr this year just to practice writing, so I totally get that.

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