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Writer's Block: Frozen delights
food/cupcakes//keep calm
What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey is BY FAR the BEST ice cream ever.
The best Banana ice cream. I've tried others, this one is extraordinarily creamy and doesn't taste like banana bread.
Perfect balance of walnuts and "fudge chunks, but really, it's nice thin slices of chocolate, kinda like Lindt's thins..

Fans of this ice cream flavor include Drew Barrymore of E.T. and Never Been Kissed fame. ♥

Maybe it's also the fact that they're EXPENSIVE compared to other ice cream brands and has limited accessibility here in the Philippines. I do get a fix from our nearby Shopwise, pero hello, ubos ang allowance.

Whenever I'm abroad, I try to look for a Ben & Jerry's scoopery because a scoop is enough to get a fix. Still pricey for a scoop (HKD 35 in Hong Kong, for example, which is like almost 200 PhP, and now that I think about it, a pint is 380 PhP here in Manila). BUT I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT TO BITS AND PIECES. *sigh* I actually want to franchise a Ben & Jerry's scoopery in Manila, but I don't know if the Tantocos got an exclusive license to distribute it considering I only see Ben & Jerry's in Rustan's Fresh and Shopwise.

(Wow first blogging in almost five months and I do a writer's block entry on ICE CREAM, hahahaha... I'm so fat.)

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ice cream is love <3
i've never tried this. i must remedy that.

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