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Star, Qoo White Grape Juice Please! (and a dignified stay in law school)

Driving School
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Today after spinning class (my second ever, and I'm still dying), I drove home with my little brother. He got his learner's permit last summer but he hasn't gotten around practicing yet, so I gave it a shot.

Looking back, it might not have been the smartest idea.

I thought I was going to get a heart attack when Gioshua pressed gas and we were too close to a parked van. OMG. I don't even remember what I said.

When I was trying to learn how to drive, my father said he can't do it. He will just get stressed and he will probably just get mad at me. His driver, Kuya Terio, was too nice naman. My boyfriend had no choice but to supervise me. He was actually pretty good. Calm and reassuring. Also he had no choice. He wanted to be relieved of the need to drive me around.

I really wish my brother learns to drive na. His zeal will get me off the hook on minion duties driving around town (literally). One thing I'm sure, I probably am not the best person to teach him. After three years of driving, I still hit immovable posts in the parking lot and reason to my mom that "I had no choice but to hit it!"

An Ordinary Fun Rainbow Day
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I want to go back to blogging. I really do.

But it is always a battle. It's so much easier to tweet instantaneous thoughts than to develop it into a full-blown blogged idea. It's so much easier to pic stitch and instagram than do the entire ritual of uploading-editing-and-photo essaying. Social media has evolved to make online expression easier, and well, lazier.

What I miss most about blogging is that it has preserved mundane memories that have not been stored in my long term memory. People forget about what a "regular" fun day is and only remember milestones and significant travels in their lives. It's amazing how an ordinary amusing day could still amuse you when you read about it years after it happened. Even if it doesn't get stored in your long term. Sometimes you forget completely and you only relive the moment through the words you've selected. It's like the pensive in Harry Potter. Only, a bit more manual, and probably not as vivid. But hey, don't underestimate your brain and your imagination.

Yesterday was "first day back." The weekend and the holiday squeezed two workday suspensions due to strong rains and flooding. So that was five solid non-working days. The long holiday was sad not just because a lot of people were victimized by the floods, but in our family, it was sad because Lolo Acio died. The rain not only intensified the grief and drama, but it also made the burial ceremonies extremely difficult. But our family thanks everyone for their condolences and prayers. Lolo Acio did have emphysema but he died in his own terms. He spent seven days in the ICU three years ago, but he passed away in his sleep in his own home. Rest in peace lolo.

But yesterday, compared to the sad weekend, was actually quite amusing. Pat and I decided to look slightly foreign in our OOTDs first day back. I donned a raincoat, and she wore a bunny hat. A random lady from the fifth floor said "Okay get-up mo ha" while we were in the elevator. Pat and I had a mandatory "selfie" at the end of the day, although not so much a selfie because we asked Simoun to take the photos for us.

Rainy Days Jurisprudence

Nikki, Ruby, Simoun, Stef and I went back to Quezon City from Manila together. I taught them one of the "Hollywood Game," wherein the first person mentions a movie, the next person mentions an actor starring in the movie the first person mentioned, and the third person mentions another movie where such actor was part of the cast. Stef, due to age disadvantages, lost. It was a riot playing that game, and it was nice to play it with a new set of people. Learned it in DebSoc, and I think we played it in my law school block.

In law school, Lou, Joni, Candice, Aldous, Cels and I will play a similar game I totally suck at known as the "IMDB Game". I remember the first time I played the game was OLA Orientation. The mechanics for that game is this: the game master mentions an actor, and the players list as much films he/she remembers in that actor's filmography. There is a time limit of one minute, usually. The interesting part of the game is scoring. If everyone else got that movie, that title is cancelled out. The scoring is gradated depending on how "rare" the movie you identified was. You get minimum points if only a few missed the movie. You get maximum points if you are the only player who identified the movie. The other condition of the game is that you cannot count sequels to the film. To give a more appropriate example for the scoring of this game, assume that there are 4 players. Scoring will be like this:

All 4 get the movie = 0 points (title is cancelled out, no one scores)
3 players get the movie = 1 point
2 players get the movie = 2 points
Only 1 player identifies the movie = 3 points

Back to yesterday. When we got to Katipunan, we all hung out at Mom & Tina's wherein we continued chatting. It was really fun. We gossiped like crazy and even got ourselves in a potentially SUPER embarrassing predicament. (For purposes of my future self reading this post, remember how Nikki said "Hindi, everyone knew it as a FACT." You can start laughing again.). Somehow, we always chat in the office but it was nice to be in a different, well-lighted environment with good food. I really liked their raspberry mocha. Note to self, work out after work later!

#AAJon The Apprentice Asia
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I know, I know, I said I wanted to go back to blogging, but I'm doing the best I can. I love my job so much, and I get so engrossed, that after days of grueling writing and re-writing and re-writing and some frustration on the side, I just want to do something other than writing. But now I'm back, and I have a very bloggable topic! :D :D :D

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Mothers' Day 2013
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My brother started reading my blog and apparently, one of my mainstay entries is about Mothers' Day. Recently, before I revived this blog two days ago, I came across my 2005 Mothers' Day entry, and used my photo collage as a gift. It was convenient because my parents never really read my blog, so my mom still found the photo (this time framed in an expensive looking frame) adorable. In memory of the way I discussed it in 2005, let me give you a portrait of my weekend!

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Thanks to Mothers' Day, I ended up buying a gym membership for a year. Hope I can commit to it!

Hair Choice
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Selfie Haircut 2013

A couple of years ago, I remember talking to KC Canales about not going to get my haircut alone ever since I was like... born. That was around 2007. I always had mama to pick up the tab and pay the tip and advice me on what I should go with my hair. And then around 2010, I got a haircut on my own for the first time. It was at Bench Fix in TechnoHub. It was a nightmare haircut. I don't even want to talk about it. Since then, I went back to having mama accompany me with my haircuts. Nimfa Ferrer in Greenhills was her go-to place. At one time though, we took a risk and went to Alex Carbonell in Greenbelt but got a cheaper stylist. Another nightmare haircut. Never again. Thank God mama paid for that haircut, but then I realized that nightmare haircuts is not mutually exclusive to having your haircut alone. It's when you take risks. You feel the risk more lang when you're putting your personal money on it. :P

Now, my mother has been nagging me about a haircut but we've both been busy lately so we haven't had a trip to the salon. So as a "mothers' day" present, I decided to get a haircut at Jessi Mendez in Robinsons Place Manila. I had my hair done yesterday afternoon, and this photo was taken today, the morning after.

Since we were on the topic of haircuts, my cousin, Presh, and I once had a bet not to have our hair cut and the first one to give in owes the other one a venti frappuccino. I won that bet last year and I haven't cashed my frap yet, mainly because venti is a tad bit too much for my recommended daily caloric intake. So Koppiccino na lang. Swerte ni Presh.

Finally, let's talk about boys and hair. Every boy has a preference on how the girl's hair will be like. Carlo's preference is long. I've always been a short-hair type of girl. I always threaten him with a haircut, and he always sways me not to. But when I do shorten my hair, he loves it anyway. Sorry, cheesy true story.

So girls, don't let your boys tell you what to do. You have total body autonomy, and yes, that includes your hair and more. If you're a hard-core anti-RH and you're a girl, think of it this way: the law provides for choice. You choose when you should have children, you choose how many children you could bear. If you choose to have many children, don't force that choice on others. A democracy is designed so that the optimal number of personal choices are accommodated. Don't be selfish.  

Back to Blogging
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On my down time, I fondly look back at my old LJ entries and go on an emotional rollercoaster. Some entries make me smile, some make me irk, yet others make me feel like I want to cry when I see how thin I was in college. Nevertheless, I do appreciate my old, young self for preserving memories that are not in my long term memory. It's like a back-up hard drive. Thank you LJ, amid the countless spam comments.
I have decided to resume blogging. As in the mundane, boring, everyday existence and highlights of my life. Choz! Okay. This is because I am currently holding a job that involves confidentiality and writing, and this is a good way to practice the latter. Readability, contrary to popular belief, is a plus in the legal profession, and I will try to do that as I continue to narrate my daily (or weekly) existence.

Let's start with yesterday, 8th of May (Wednesday).

Wednesday is my designated ZUMBA! day. I love Zumba. My mom and sister love it too. But I love it so much that even if they don't go, I go. I was excited to wear a cute Zumba top my mom got me. Plus, my officemate, Nikki, wanted to inquire about fitness programmes at my gym. So we planned to leave at 4:30pm (acceptable leaving time in our office when you're not busy) so we could get to the gym in time (which is a good 20 km away from our office + traffic).

At around 2:00pm, there was a power outage. We thought it was isolated to the metro, and with the impending elections, some people had their money on COMELEC as the cause of the outage. But apparently, it was due to a mysterious shut down of six power plants due to power tripping. A little past 3, it was announced that everyone who was not involved in the oral arguments enjoy free early dismissal. So Nikki, and another officemate of ours, Ron, took a trip to Taft Avenue, hoping to find a cab. Luckily, we found that the office's shuttle buses were still there! We took the bus and when we got to Quezon City, it was raining. Crazy weather.
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So overall assessment of the day:
Power outage #1 -1
Early Dismissal +1
Catching the shuttle +1
Bonding with mama and Nikki +1
Getting parking at the gym +1
Power outage #2 -2
No Zumba -3
Dinner with the boyfriend +3
Overall Score Today: +1! Good day pa rin naman pala.

💗 Proud Sister Moment (PSM)
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I am taking a break from my CrimPro cramming to share how much I love my siblings to bits and pieces.

Yesterday, I volunteered (as tribute!) to bring my brother to school because my mom was busy. The day before that my brother kept on asking me about statutes and executive power which I gladly answered because it was good Poli Law Review. He has this class in school called CSIP and his teacher was substituted by the department head and revealed to me that that was what they talked about. So that morning I continued answering questions with respect to policy-making and shared with him this theory we studied in jurisprudence (as in legal theory) that to make a good law or policy, the policy maker  has to imagine the situation wherein he or she will be reborn and he or she does not know what his or her situation will be in life. The policy maker could be born to be rich or to be the most indigent. That way, the laws will be fair, that no matter what situation you are in life, it won't be that bad. Obviously that's not my idea, and I did say it was just a theory.

As I eavesdropped my mom's conversation to my grandfather, I overheard a really heartwarming tale of my brother who I thought never listens to me and just calls me a penguin or alien or something like that. As part of his school programme, he had to visit a public elementary school. Knowing the conditions of public elementary schools in the Philippines, it is definitely in stark contrast with the private school system. The classrooms are small, messy and there's a shortage of resources. Before my brother and his classmates were turned over to the elementary school children, the principal of the elementary school told them that they should listen to these private school kids because they will be the future leaders of the country. They are made to be congressmen and senators and leaders.

Personally, I was thrown off by this. Public school children can be leaders too! What kind of principal is this guy?!

That aside, the touching part of this narrative is what my brother told my mother. He said, if he will become a congressman, he will enact a law requiring all public officers (appointed or locally or nationally elected) must send their children to public schools without exception. That way you could ensure that politicians make sure that the conditions of the public school system are good, due to the personal stake of their children's welfare.

While the measure is rather a bit draconian and even much harder to implement (although maybe requiring a certification of enrollment with CoCs does not seem constitutionally infirm since the constitution explicitly proscribes a property requirement), I had to smile secretly seems the idea of my brother is not only in genuine, but an inception of what I shared to him. Oh youthful idealism... When can I have you back?

My other sibling is equally awesome in a different sense. No, I am not related to Ruth Guinto running for First Year Batch Rep. My real sister is an awesome third year med student who went to the Forever 21 sale and got me an awesome skirt in one of my favorite colors, mustard yellow! They just make me so happy, I don't know what I do to deserve them. Maybe Gioshua's theory is right. I was the first child so my parent's experimented on me, and got it right na with the two of them. Hahaha. They're more funny too. I love them so much.

Okay this chessey moment should expire, 8:01 na. 😜

Writer's Block: Frozen delights
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What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey is BY FAR the BEST ice cream ever.
The best Banana ice cream. I've tried others, this one is extraordinarily creamy and doesn't taste like banana bread.
Perfect balance of walnuts and "fudge chunks, but really, it's nice thin slices of chocolate, kinda like Lindt's thins..

Fans of this ice cream flavor include Drew Barrymore of E.T. and Never Been Kissed fame. ♥

Maybe it's also the fact that they're EXPENSIVE compared to other ice cream brands and has limited accessibility here in the Philippines. I do get a fix from our nearby Shopwise, pero hello, ubos ang allowance.

Whenever I'm abroad, I try to look for a Ben & Jerry's scoopery because a scoop is enough to get a fix. Still pricey for a scoop (HKD 35 in Hong Kong, for example, which is like almost 200 PhP, and now that I think about it, a pint is 380 PhP here in Manila). BUT I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT TO BITS AND PIECES. *sigh* I actually want to franchise a Ben & Jerry's scoopery in Manila, but I don't know if the Tantocos got an exclusive license to distribute it considering I only see Ben & Jerry's in Rustan's Fresh and Shopwise.

(Wow first blogging in almost five months and I do a writer's block entry on ICE CREAM, hahahaha... I'm so fat.)

Some Un-Fun Headbanging
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[DISCLAIMER! Whatever crap I wrote here can be entirely attributed to my head injury.]

Wednesdays are my extended Office of Legal Aid days and study days for my hell-Thursdays. So the plan was gym-school for client meeting because I had a hearing-study date. To jumpstart any busy day in a young girl's life, I decided to eat star-shaped nuggets with rice. Chuck, my beagle, who was outside, also needed food so I told our yaya, Ate Glo, to feed her. She responded with "Mamaya na." While I was in the middle of the breakfasting, true enough, she was feeding my Chuckie. Throughout all this, our other housekeeper, Manang Juliet, was mopping the floor.

When everyone left and I finished off my breakfast, Chuck was furiously attempting to open the screen door with her paws and claws. I wanted to attend to her because I haven't given her a massage/scratch which she loves. As the scratching became furious, I rushed through her side, but alas, the floor was so wet.

I slipped.
I didn't break my fall and continued to slide, pelvis first.
And a loud thud came from my skull's contact with the semi-marbled floor.

Maybe it was the panic from the thud that made me scream, and both Manang Juliet and Ate Glo went by my side. I told them not to move me because I might die. Ate Glo ran to fetch my mother from the Church, who just came back from dropping my little brother to school. I asked Manang to call the ambulance, but I guess she didn't know how to use our phone. My mom got home and well...

There was panic,
Some screaming,
And a lot of crying from me.

My mom finally got through an emergency number and the call was received by a not-so-trained call centre agent (at least not in emergency situations). She was patched through Sagip-Buhay, and she kept on saying that we were mayor's neighbor. I refused to be moved so I was there on the floor while we waited. Soon, our neighbors were with us, Tita Joy from next door who heard me scream from her bathroom, and Tita Vicky, my mom's close friend who worked in the mayor's office. After about 10 or 15 minutes, the ambulance hasn't arrived, and I was still on the floor (wala namang blood or anything, but my back and the back of my head really hurt), so Tita Vicky were trying to make alternative plans with Red Cross people.

Finally, the paramedics arrived. They were clad in orange and very professional, they even knew Tita Vicky, and she was very proud of them as the saviors of the Killer Highway. I bet my case paled in comparison with their daily exposure to bloodbath and concrete. Nevertheless, they treated me promptly and calmly, which are two things that are very difficult to accomplish. They asked me if parts of me hurt before they moved me. They supported my head and neck from moving too much. They attached a C-brace, and put me in a stretcher that splits into half and attaches in the middle (I don't know what it's called). It's very cool. And then they carried me to put me into the stretcher that's like a bed with wheels attached. Soon, I was loaded up in the ambulance and proceeded to our hospital of choice.

It's just so sad that these very prompt efficient rescuers are overworked and underpaid. Their hours are horrible. They do 24-hour shifts and get one day rest and another 24-hour shift. And they only earn PhP8,500 (Around US$200). I'm inclined to wish this was weekly, but there's a possibility that it is monthly. Except for the delay because they were lost (they went to Capitol Hills instead of Capitol Park Homes), they were really very professional and I almost couldn't believe there is this type of professionalism in this country. Still, the overworked, underpaid thing is still very sad especially since they had to pay for their own training at the Philippine General Hospital. But they're very good.

Anyway, I was really chatty in the ambulance and it was really nice seeing everything in a different perspective. I was happy to know that there were actually a lot of trees in Quezon City. Soon, I was pulled into the Surgery Emergency Room of Capitol Medical Center and a throve of hospital staff members rushed to my aid. Attending to me was a surgery resident who looked very doctorly. Since I don't seem to have lost important brain functions, they decided to put me through a series of x-rays.

Then my papa came. He was there a few minutes after we arrived while I was too busy texting away an Organization Fair fiasco back in school. He had a worried look and I'm so glad he was there. The last time I had a "serious" ER emergency, he was the one who literally carried me to the hospital.

At the X-ray room, I waited for the radiologist and staff to pump me with tons of radiation to see what was wrong with me. I felt rather alone in the cold steel room, so I just prayed. I guess hospitals and examinations just makes you feel closer to God. They moved me to a different bed, and it was the FIRST TIME I moved in the last two (?) hours, grabe, nahilo talaga ako. Anyway, I was glad that was over and done with.

I was brought back to the Surgery ER and isolated in station 3. My parents told me Carlo's mom kept on calling (my mom called her), and that Carlo was on his way. *flutters* The surgery resident, Dra. Ferrer, came out of nowhere to declare that my X-rays were clean. No fracture in the pelvis, no problem with my back (except I have scoliosis, which we knew of dati pa), and definitely, my head is fine. I told you there's nothing wrong with my head.

Soon, my Lolo Teddy was there! I was really touched. He took a cab to the hospital to make sure I was okay. And then, I needed help to pee, which got me dizzy again, but I refused a bedpan (sorry, TMI). So they brought me to the nearest bathroom with a wheelchair. After I got back from the loo, I decided not to lie back because I realised changing the orientation of my head really just got me dizzy. I indian sat on the hospital bed and continued talking about my experience to my lolo while my dad settled the bill. Finally, my boyfriend was there, and it was like one of those happy moments in your life that you realize that so many people care and love you (Munchauser much?). And even those who aren't expected to love you (i.e., medical staff) show enough care even if you're not exactly dying. I felt like a cat who was rescued by a fireman from a tall shrub. Yes, not even a tree.

The rest of the day was spent watching HBO, The Ugly Truth, the finalé of I Survived a Japanese Game Show, and an episode of Game of Thrones. Carlo was so sleepy but he watched over me when my mom did her motherly chores. He also played the guitar and sang to me, which was really awesome because I had an instant lullaby and a person who woke me up.

Red Ribbon's Dedication Cake
Mom: Well, if you can ask for chocolate cake I'm pretty sure your head's okay already.
Brother: The dedication should have read "Ate Cel, Chuck loves you, but this tastes better than the floor" but the guys at Red Ribbon didn't want to put it.

Today, was also a bum-and-get-better day. Somehow I had to always explain why I wasn't in school so I had a dozen get-well-soon texts (Thanks everyone!). My professor in local governments even asked me if I'm vomiting and if I am, that I should get an MRI. My supervising lawyer told me to get a replacement for my hearing to ask for a postponement, but luckily, since the judge wasn't there, it was reset anyway. All the odds are in my favor. Except for one.

Today is the opening of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part II. My aunt gave me six tickets for a block screening sponsored by her med school batch. SIX TICKETS. I already invited five friends: Ags and Patrick, the couple that let me third wheel in Harry Potter 6, Bambi and Lou, who completed my trio for Harry Potter 7.1, and Aldous, who was called by one law school professor as Albus. Aldous, Lou and Bambi dropped by awhile ago "to visit me" and to convince me to still go with them when they saw me not bloodied and still capable of laughing. So I consulted with my parents.

Dad: "No, take it easy muna. It might be difficult for you to stay out late." (via text)

Mama: Ikaw... hindi ka nga pumasok.
CK: I'm fine na. See, I'm fine.
Mama: Okay... paalam ka sa tatay mo.
(And then goes on telling my friends how she's always been supportive of my Harry Potter addiction)

I can't help but agree that mom has been supportive. I saw HP 7.1 free because of her (she bought tickets in advance for us and Carlo, and then we even saw Carlo's cousins in the cinema). She funded all my books. She gave the first four on my fourteenth birthday, she lined up at midnight in Oregon for the fifth, she gave me money to buy the sixth and seventh. But the truth is, my co-apprentice Cria is right. When your mom doesn't want to say "no", she'll say "Ask your dad." (Pero sa kanya may kadugtong, when your dad doesn't want to say "no", he'll keep asking questions until she gives up).

Soooo... I'm home now stuck about the worst incident that was a repercussion of the blow in my head. But since we're always about looking at the bright side, I'm going to watch it on Saturday with Carlo anyway. So yay! I should really REALLY stop taking studying time from him, but hey, Harry Potter 7.2 is a worthy exception. I think I'd feel the same even if I had a serious head injury.

To end this entry is the amazing horoscope my parents had yesterday, which they only read after my entire head-hitting-the-floor fiasco. This was published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, 13 July 2011.

For Mama:
VIRGO (Aug. 23 to Sept. 22) Parents must be vigilant about their children today, because this is an accident-prone day for your kids. Romantic relationships are rocky as well. Just stay mellow.

For Papa:
SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) This is a tricky, unpredictable day with money and cash flow. Keep your eyes open! You might lose a possession or cash because of carelessness.

Me to my dad: But, you didn't lose cash.
Dad: But you had carlessness.
(It was really amazing also how much X-ray costs)

-The End-

My Fuss About the RH Bill
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About three weeks ago, right about when school started, I was really wicked sick and my cough resonated throughout the house as I prepared for my first hearing. My mom got worried and told me to go to the UP Infirmary, and got more worried so she decided to go with me. While there, I was the fourth in queue and waited while reading "Evidence In Action".

Right when the third child who preceded me was ending his consultation, a taxicab beeped outside the Emergency Room. Dude, what's the big rush? Little did I know that inside, there was a woman who delivered a baby inside the cab.

The only attending physician in the ER was luckily a pediatrician. She asked the nurse to help her clamp the umbilical cord (pardon my rough med language here), and to clean the mother. The birthmother's friend kept taking photos using a cellphone.

The said friend eventually went in the ER, where the not-so-nosy-nosy-people (including myself) were waiting, to fill in some forms. With that, we went on to interrogate the circumstances of the childbirth, with yours truly as lead interrogator. My mother joined the fray, but she was more emotional about the circumstances, while I mastered the ability to fein both concern and neutrality. However, here is what we found out:

The birthmother is twenty-one years old.
(Okay, acceptable I guess)

It's her FOURTH childbirth, the third live one.
(Notice my mother's facial expression change in this one)

Her last child was born ELEVEN months ago.

The children were all born not full term, including this one born in the cab.

The father came from work but was really unemployed. The biological parents were unmarried.

My mother, who's Catholic and had earlier apprehensions about the RH Bill remarked "Paano ba natin aayawan ang RH Bill, parang kailangan talaga ng RH Bill?"

So last Friday, I attended an RH Bill March thingum that VP Toff Lamug encouraged us to attend. Clad in the officially-issued purple shirts that our school gave us (purple being the College of Law color), some law students, other students from other organizations and councils in the University, and private sector groups marched around the academic oval chanting to legislators that they should pass the Bill immediately.

My mother then called me to do an errand and had to pull out, leaving Mike Tiu, Law Representative, to give a speech regarding the Constitutional consistencies of having an RH Bill. As I rushed back to Law, I was sidetracked by this woman named Shai who was allegedly a Biology major who taught in the Institute of Biology.

She asked me: "Excuse me, but why do you support the RH Bill?"

The fact that she was wearing pink (the red was the anti-RH color) signified that maybe, just maybe, she is a moderate. Hence, she could be reasoned with. I gave the developmental repercussions of an increased fertility rate and the low-down on women's rights.

"But you read the Bill?"

Of course, I'm a law student.

"How do you feel about the six-year sex ed programme?"

I really like the approach of the question, because personally, I don't use feelings to evaluate things like this, but more on rationality. The truth is, women who get more education (in general) tend to meet their ideal fertility rate. And I thought this was just on average. In my high school alone, my class, which is the maths and science class, is the only class that has not yet experienced childbirth or marriage. But that's beside the point. Shai was worried of teaching sex ed to fifth graders, but I think it's capable of being nuanced. The sad fact is, a lot of the people who inadvertently overpopulate this country drop out by sixth grade, and never receive this education that's supposed to tell them that sex brings babies, babies that they can't feed. So yes, I feel it's logical to have a programme like this.

"What do you think of the pill being an abortifacient, and you're going to give it out as part of the medical package."

I don't know!! Men can't take the pill, so definitely, that's not going to happen. And besides, the abortifacient argument is so WEIRD. I told her, nicely that the topic of when life begins is really just too philosophical for this issue. Might as well charge reckless imprudence resulting to homicide for miscarriages if that's her argument! She said, and I quote "If the sperm is prevented from meeting the egg, that's abortion!" At this point, I really had a difficult urge not to roll my eyes. Isn't that the point of the calendaring method also? For the sperm to avoid meeting the egg? But I didn't say that because I needed to be polite.

So in some of the concessional points I made to her is that, the statute is not that bad. It's the implementation that needs to be monitored. I haven't seen the DECS manual, the Philhealth plans, but the point is, there should be some concrete strategy for population control. We're not gremlins! Human beings are not gremlins! We're not supposed to multiply just because we get wet.


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